Newspaper Wedding Announcement Wording - Important Points to Notice

Newspaper Wedding Announcement Wording - There are lots of specifics that are crucial on the subject of wedding organizing. Wedding ceremony announcement should be only one of several stuff engage in a vital role throughout get yourself ready for the particular wedding. Launching to help family people that you're joining your day-to-day lives marvelous ceremony of passing to the groom and bride.
For most people, having wedding announcement for newspaper is just the same as having the wedding invitation wording. But they’re actually very much different. Wedding invitation wording card is sent before the wedding of bride and groom actually takes place, while the announcement is send after the destination wedding takes place without sending the invitation at first.

Wedding Announcement Wording for Newspaper Sample Image

Wedding announcement wording sample for newspaper
Easy announcement wording sample
But sometime it is confusing when reading a wedding announcements in newspaper that someone announce their save-to-date marriage, so they actually tell us about their wedding planing. So it does not matter to see something short word like that in magazine or newspaper. So it’s basically just like ordinary announcement saying that the couples have married and they wish the people they know will be happy for their marriage. And here you can read how to create wedding announcements for newspaper with etiquette.

Wedding Announcement Ideas

You can find ideas to write wedding announcement wording by watching this video, samples and templates if you wan to tell relatives, friends, colleagues an other if you are getting married. It is a good source of a wedding announcement ideas. You can use the word in other version to put your wording for wedding announcement for newspaper or magazine in offline or online.


The wedding announcements etiquette is used in order to write properly to let people know that they’re married and the ceremony has already happened. Although the wedding announcement is sent to people who aren’t invited to the wedding, it doesn’t mean that these people are left out. In today’s condition, some people have really tight budget. For them, it’s better to spend the budget in starting a new life rather than spending it for throwing a party.

For them, they save enough money to start having their own family, and it’s already enough. That’s why instead of throwing parties, they prefer to have private ceremonies among families only and sending out the just married announcement later on. Other reasons the couples eloped or had a wedding destination. As a solution to the financial conditions are not adequate, they can tell about the marriage that has been carried out through the newspaper.

By creating a simple wedding newspaper announcement wording, at least their goal has been reached. Instead sending wedding announcement to each recipient, nowadays the announcement can be published for newspapers or magazines. There should be any wedding announcement wording examples for newspaper format that suits with the content. Try to see how it is written in wedding announcement wording examples from many newspapers, magazine or any other media.

Just Married Announcement

If people are still confuse what to write inside the newspaper wedding announcement, they could always see the examples of marriage announcement available in the internet. Inside the cards, they should include several important parts, such as:
  • the name of the couples
  • the date and location of the wedding ceremony
Sometimes, it’s alright to include where they spend the honeymoon, the couples’ background, or a personal poem, verses or quote.


When writing the wedding announcement for newspaper, it’s better to keep it with simple language and texts. They don’t have to use complicated wording, which might not be understood by a lot of people. So always use simple words in producing the newspaper marriage announcement wording.

Samples Wedding Announcement Wording for Newspaper Or Magazine

Here is a sample when bride's parent announcing the wedding
"Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Nelson are pleased to announce the wedding of their daughter Mary Josephine to Alex Raymond, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nicholas. Blacksburg, Indiana."
Example when couple announcing their own wedding
"Mary Josephine and Alex Raymond, together with their families, are pleased to announce their wedding. Blacksburg, Indiana."
There are wedding etiquette announcements for being witnessed when smashing good news towards mom and dad. 1st, allow the individuals nearest thing for you learn of the plans. This lick need to consult the particular bride's mom and dad to be with her hand in union. Hope this Newspaper Wedding Announcement is useful for all of you.