Selecting Right Message in Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends from Bride and Groom

Choose the right word when inviting friends to attend your wedding. May be a casual theme is more suitable for this situation. Casual wedding invitation wording can be used when you organizing a formal wedding celebration. This informal invitation can be sent to close friends and family, while formal wedding invitation will be sent to colleagues and acquaintances. When we talk about casual wedding invitation, one word that passes your head must be difficult. Here we will show you how to write wedding invitation wording for friends and relatives

Wedding Invitation For Friends and Relatives

wedding text to invite friends for a wedding

Wedding invitation is not that difficult to write. We only need to be more creative to write a good invitation wording. Yet, you should be careful with wording and certain etiquette of writing, since invitation will convey particular impression of the wedding. Invitation wording may be written in a different way.

Watch this informal wedding reception invitation wording tips video to learn how to create a proper beautifully wording invitation for a reception.


All information that should be stated on the informal wedding invitation card is similar to the one that was written in formal invitations. This wedding invitation wording for friends from bride and groom have a list as name of the host, bride and groom’s name, date, time and location should be written properly on the invitation. Since it is informal invitation, you do not have to spell date and time of the event. Do not forget to follow the etiquette in writing the wedding invitations.

Wedding invitation wording etiquette says that the groom’s name should be written below the bride’s name. Dress code of wedding celebration can also be stated if it is needed. Do not worry too much about being rude. Time changes, people change, the strict etiquette also changes. In this modern time, guests will appreciate detailed information about the event.

Simple Tips

Writing formal and informal wording for wedding invitation for ceremony or other is quite similar to each other. All you need is creativity and informal writing style. Creating lines which has rhyme will also be nice. Just be creative and do not mind about formality. Any kinds of writing will be okay as long as you write all information which is related to the wedding celebration, since the main purpose of casual wedding invitation is to make all guests come to the event.

Wedding Invitation Wording For Friends Samples

Example 1 of casual text for wedding invitation
Waves run slowly
Our love grow tenderly
When our souls get united
Our beloved friends will be invited
Angelina Sue
Harvey Dean
invite you to share in the
joy as they are united in holy matrimony

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 Example 2 of casual text for wedding invitation
The Boy Met The Girl
and She Said I Do
Do you Want to Know
the Rest of the Story?
Join us on August 20, 2017
at 20:00
Homey Lover Hotel

Kate and Derek
Celebrate their Commitment

Let us Drink, Dance and Have Fun!

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There are so many option you can choose when selecting what is right word for your friends in wedding invitation card. Never doubt to try yourself to make one wedding invitation wording for friends.