What Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording that Formal and Follow Etiquette?

What is your choice traditional or non formal? Is there a strict rule that you violated when creating sentences traditional wedding invitation wording to suit your own desires? There are common questions that usually asked by the bride and groom when they will make a sentence in their wedding invitation cards. We will share information on how the sentence should wedding invitations in the invitation cards that follow the rules in accordance with the etiquette.
The wedding with traditional theme brings specific substance, but a lot of brides are unacquainted with the refinements. Add to that the confusing range of family members in the present-day family, the inquiry of who's paying for the wedding ceremony and party, and other special situations, and it is no question that brides can get mixed up trying to make their wedding invitations according to traditional rules. Get it all sorted out by learning the basics of wedding invitation wording. For generations, traditional wedding invitations used in a reasonably consistent way for traditional wedding event, which made life a lot easier for brides.

Basic knowledge of traditional wedding invitation wording

There are several things to know about this traditional wording for wedding invitations as well as traditional wedding invite wording, any of which you may set according on your conditions or more personal and cool.
  • If the wedding ceremonial occasion is to be accommodated in a lay location, substitute "the honour of your presence" to "the pleasure of your company".
  • If the bride has different surname than either of her parents, it could be brought to be certain that all the invitees know who she is, particularly if her father's name doesn't appear on the wedding invitation wordings and her mother has different family name. This particular wedding invitation text rule should always to be take as a consideration.

Placing hosts name on the traditional wording for wedding invitations

When creating traditional wedding invitation wording, please mark that the bride's parent names on the invitations show that they're the hosts, not that they're paying for every single item, from soup to wedding jewelry. These days when the parents of the groom, financially or not, take more participating role in the wedding.But regardless the parent's role the couple are free to include both sets of parent's names as well as their names. This is usually done in the European traditional weddings fashion. But if there are too many affiliated sets of parents to fit on single invitation, the bride and groom should be the hosts placed on the invitation. Please noted that the host names placing rules of traditional wedding invitations are made the wedding invitations as informative as possible.


So, those are all the basics you need to know about first wedding invitation wording, for people who would still want to held original wedding, and using original wedding invitations. More trendy and contemporary wedding invitations are not addressed, since they tend not to adopt custom and etiquette. But, whether your wedding is conventional or contemporary, the traditional wedding invitation wording will likely to always be suitable and tasteful.

Now yo have known what rules you should take to consider when creating your own unique traditional wedding invitation wording.