Steps Making Letterpress Wedding Invitations On A Budget At Home

How to make letterpress wedding invitation on budget at home. Hold a wedding party of course can’t be separated from invitation. Invitation becomes the most important thing of your wedding. It should be designed as perfect as possible to look eye catching and unique and make all the guests come to your wedding party. But how to press the budget in order not to spend a lot?. DIY letterpress wedding invitations on a budget can be considered for this.

This is far more economical, more fantastic and you will get the design as you desired and so does the satisfaction also. The way you need is just to leave a slight indentation in the paper where the design is. Most of persons prefer the letterpress styles long as they feel it feels to the wedding invitation, also adds a luxurious look. Well, we want to show you the tips to start of this.

How to Make Letterpress Wedding Invitations Just On A Budget

At first you need to prepare a best rubber stamp. You need to eliminate the foam backing in order to make the letterpress motif of the wedding invitations you will make, noted if the rubber stamp is completed with a foam back between the rubber stamp design and the wood.

How to Make a Homemade Letterpress Wedding Invitations On A Budget

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The next section is by doing a sketch of the design. You need to cut a sheet of plain white printer paper as same as the 100 percent cotton pre-cut wedding invitations you usually find. After that, you are able to use the pencil to sketch the design to build with the best rubber stamps, by using these mock up invitations. Make a cool design that look as far as a personal wedding invitation.

Well, after that, you are ought to stamp the design onto the cotton wedding invitation paper. After your design was finished, don’t forget to dip the rubber stamp in the ink color you have been selected previously, next stamp the design onto the wedding invitation. For the last step, applying pressure to the rubber stamp to make the ink to be transferred onto the paper. Do not pull the stamp up if you think the ink is not fully transferred to the invitation for creating a letterpress design.

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So what to do next?. For finishing step, you are ought to dry the ink overnight. Well, after you finished your design on an invitation, then put the paper with the position of the ink face up. Let it dry for 24 hours or more. This letterpress wedding invitations on a budget is used for those who have not too much money to make it, meanwhile for those with more budgets, order it before wedding party is recommended and more efficient.That is all the steps making letterpress wedding invitations on budget at home.

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