Taylor Swift Has Agreed To Be The Maid Of Honor Of His Childhood Friend

Taylor Swift, it's too much of a good girl. Despite living to 100 at the time and his superstar status, she agreed to make a huge service to a childhood friend.

Taylor Swift has a heart of gold. This is certainly what it strives to our believe. Besides being beautiful, rich and talented, one never hears trash other stars and it seems to lead a simple life and tidy. It is also and above all a great thing

If Taylor Swift is very close to Selena Gomez that can be called BFF or the Lorde singer, performer style has had a life before fame and kept some friendships that time. Thus we learn that the star singer has agreed to play the bridesmaid for a certain Britany Maack, a childhood friend. The two girls remained friends despite the celebrity Taylor Swift and all that that implies.

Taylor Swift regularly seen in the company of Britany Maack it does not fail to be invited to certain events. In November 2015, the illustrious unknown even took the pose on a Selfie with Taylor Swift, Amanda Seifried and Kate Upton, the class. And because their friendship is unwavering, Taylor Swift has decided to play the bridesmaid as she herself has sentimental life crying.

I must say that Taylor Swift could not dodge the little note that accompanied the announcement of the wedding of her friend. She also posted a photo on Instagram demand by putting in legend reply. One can thus read on the post-it stuck to a picture of two young women children disguised as animals: "Taylor, you are more than a friend, you're more than a best friend You're my sister I do.. can not think of anyone else with me on my wedding day ... Will you be my bridesmaid? ". It is with pleasure that Taylor Swift has accepted the request légendant the cliché: "YES I WILL'D".

This is a beautiful proof of friendship from Taylor Swift. But poor Britany Maack has she not afraid of being upstaged at the happiest day of his life?

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