10 Important Keys to Fully Write The Wedding Invitations

Once defined the day and wedding details, you should make a list of guests and ordering invitations. Normally, made three lists: one conducted by the parents of the bride, one for the groom's parents and a third closed by the parties themselves. We tell you everything there is to know about the protocol of the invitations.

How To Right Wedding Invitation In a Correct Way

Planning a wedding invitation is important in order to show your best respect to the wedding guests. The case is often come on what should to write and how to write the right name and position. And here 10 important keys you should consider when writing wedding invitation wording.(Read : How To Write a Personal Wedding Invitation Wording)

1. Certain special cases, divorcing couples must consider (especially if the break is recent) when designing the distribution. Revise is often desirable that the final list and you order by age, relationship or commitment to distribute conveniently guests at the banquet tables.

2. The invitations usually have a format as prescribed by custom, but, increasingly, prioritize the original wedding invitations, consistent with the personalities of the couple. In the classic invitations you must include your names and your fathers, communication link, location and time of the ceremony and banquet, addresses both families and confirmation request with phone numbers for it.

3. If one of your parents is widowed specify only his name and if your mother is a widow will refer to her husband (example: Michel Moutinha, widow of Smith).

4. Under the heading text is added invitation An example might be: 'They have the honor of participate link _______ and invite children to the ceremony to be held on ________ and ________ in the subsequent reception to be held in ________ '. The bottom line confirmation is requested and, finally, in the bottom left home address of the bride appears in the lower right and the groom.

5. These traditional models coexist today with another type of invitation in which the couple are directly taking part whoso each other, especially when it comes to a second wedding or have children. This latest model is equal but omitting the name of the parents.

6. If the venue is difficult to access should include a plan or map of the wedding to facilitate movement to guests.

7. Also envelopes will be written by hand or by a professional calligrapher, black ink without abbreviations in the name.

8. If any of the children of guest marriage is older and will be accompanied by her partner, is correct that write an invitation to them separately. In the event that the invited person receives special treatment from his position or title, it overrides the name. For example: 'Hi. Mr. Alex Henderson'.

9. The invitations you must send at least two months in advance so that participants have time to plan your schedule and make timely preparations. It is right that the hand deliver up providing a personal encounter, since this is a family social event, however can be sent by mail confirming by telephone conversation receipt.

10. At present, the custom is to send one invitation that includes religious and civil celebration and conclusion. One for religious invitation and one for the rear reception: Only in cases of royal weddings, very high level of protocol or two ballots be sent.

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